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A S Jessup-Bould:

Coke Works Experience








Between 1985 and 1999 I was involved with coke works through my employment with OSC Process Engineering Limited (formerly Otto Simon-Carves).

Engineering activities are divided in to "Black-side" and "White-side".

Black-side deals with the batteries of ovens in which coal is heated and carbonised to coke in the absence of air. The batteries are huge refractory structures served by heavy machinery used to handle the coal and coke.

White-side deals with the by-product plant which cleans the gas given off during carbonisation so that it can be used as a fuel. As the term by-product infers, the plant also recovers saleable components from the gas.

Most of my activities were as a process engineer for by-product plants.

I have also experience in the refining of benzol and tar produced from byproduct plants.