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A S Jessup-Bould:

Gas Cleaning Projects













I have experience in the design and operation of a variety of both fuel gas and flue gas cleaning systems.





Fuel Gas Cleaning


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I have designed many aspects of coke oven gas cleaning plants and have had experience in commissioning. Coke oven gas cleaning is described in the section on coke oven by-products plants.


I have also designed a number of processes for the cleaning of fuel gas produced by gasification and pyrolysis.










Suffolk Biomass Power Limited, Suffolk.

Wood pyrolysis-gasification and electricity generation using gas engines.


Wheeling, Pittsburgh, USA

Benzol removal from coke oven gas.


Sable Chemicals, Zimbabwe.

Coke gasification for synthesis gas production.


ZISCO, Zimbabwe.

Coke oven gas.








Flue Gas Cleaning






I have had design or operational roles for a number of flue gas cleaning processes:







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VERT, mobile plant initiatially based in Nurenburg.

Lead Process Engineer for the design of a flue gas treatment system serving a hazardous waste vitrification plant.



North West Water, Widnes.

Process Engineer on a design team for a sewage sludge incineration contract.




Operating manuals for the above sludge incineration and flue gas cleaning process.




Responsible for training of client's personnel at the above sludge incineration facility.

Commissioning shift team supervisor.




Minergy, Deeside.

Lead Process Engineer for flue gas system design.