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A S Jessup-Bould:

Mobile Hazardous Waste Vitrification Plant




Lead Process Engineer at OSC Process Engineering for a flue gas cleaning plant to serve a mobile waste vitrification furnace and for the process specification of feedstock blending equipment.

End Client: VERT, Rotherham, England



Plant location: Europe - various sites



Project Background



OSC Process Engineering were engaged by VERT (Vitrification & Environmental Recycling Limited) to design, build and commission a flue gas cleaning plant for use with a mobile hazardous waste vitrification furnace.












Description: C:\JBL\0HTML 2014\Image15.jpg

Flue Gas Scrubbing

To facilitate transportation, columns are built in to container sized space frames. Also shown are the Filtration, ID Fan Modules.

Description: C:\JBL\0HTML 2014\Image16.jpg

The scrubber circulation pumps are located in the Service Module with the circulating liquor fan cooler on its roof.