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Curriculum Vitae


Andrew Stanley Jessup-Bould




Qualifications                           BSc (Commendation) Chemical Engineering

            (Teesside Polytechnic 1980)

                                                Chartered Engineer (CEng)


Professional Affiliations           Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers            (MIChemE)

Experience Summary


Andrew has over 30 years of varied experience in chemical engineering covering thermal, separation and reaction processes.


His experience includes  chemical, petro-chemical, energy from waste, sludge drying projects, process design, hazardous area classification and  relief system design.


He has worked extensively on incineration, gasification and pyrolysis projects and their downstream gas cleaning processes. These projects often included power generation either via a steam cycle, or directly using internal combustion engines fuelled by the produced gas.


He has had a significant number of years experience in coke oven by-product product plant design, which requires the separation and recovery of components from the crude coke oven gas. He also has experience in the refining of recovered coal by-products.


He has worked in the waste water industry on projects to treat industrial effluents and the processing of municipal waste water and sludges.


His responsibilities have covered; process design; equipment specification; bid appraisals; tender preparation; client and supplier liaison for a wide variety of projects.


Other activities which he has undertaken as a Process Engineer include; HazOp; process hazard assessment; and manuals for plant commissioning, operation and operator training.


He has also had experience in plant performance testing, commissioning and operator training both at home and abroad.



Selected Projects




ABB – Consultant

BG Tunisia – Process Safety in Design – Pressure relief device assessments for offshore gas production platform and onshore terminal.

BG Trinidad and Tobago – Process Safety in Design – Pressure relief systems for offshore platform.

BP AGT (Baku) - Relief Assurance work for onshore gas terminal.

Relief Club – Founder of the ABB lunchtime pressure relief club.





ETDE Contracting Limited – Process Engineering Services:

Celtic Renewables: Acetone-ethanol-butanol distillation.

Life Technologies: Hazardous area classification – dusts and ethanol.

Croda Chemicals: Commissioning procedures for an acrylic polymers facility. Checking of process design and relief systems.

Croda Chemicals: Snagging an Omega 3 fish oil plant.

Confidential Client: Process design for production of a hypergolic interhalogen compound.

Centre for Process Innovation: DSEAR assessment, hazardous area classification and relief systems for a biofuel reseach facility.

AstraZeneca: Safety relief system design and RST documentation.

Miscellaneous: Various proposals and minor projects.

PREL: Energy from waste plant cost estimation.




Hybrid Gasification Limited – Process Engineering Services:

Confidential Client: Supervision of Aspen modelling for a carbon sequestration project for a major European power company.




Hybrid Gasification Limited – Training:

National Fertilizer Institute, Pakistan: Gasification training.




R3m Engineering Inc, USA - Consultant: Sludge drying vapour system: Assessment of existing direct contact vapour condenser performance under alternative conditions and new fan specification.




Confidential Client – Process Engineering Services: Quantitative risk assessment for a European state oil and gas company.




BCB Environmental Management Ltd –

Process Engineering Services: Energy from waste gasification.





PTTPE Thailand: Detailed design for a Low Density Polyethylene Plant. Mainly responsible for extrusion, passive fire protection. Assistance with pellet conveying and degassing.




Thermal Transfer Limited – Process Engineering Services:

Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited: Commissioning catalyst production facility.

Confidential Client: Sterile systems utility demand modelling.

Centre for Process Innovation: DSEAR assessment, area classification, P&ID checking.

AstraZeneca: Safety relief system design and RST documentation.




Planet Advantage Ltd – Client’s Engineer:

Energy from waste gasification. Site performance tests in Iceland.





SembCorp Simon-Carves

Huntsman Petrochemicals UK Ltd: Front end engineering design followed by detailed design for a Low Density Polyethylene Plant. Responsibilities as previous project.

ExxonMobil Chemical Co: Process design package for a Low Density Polyethylene Plant. Mainly responsible for pressurised water closed loop reactor cooling / heating system & other water systems including boiler feed.






R3m Engineering Inc, USA - Consultant: Process design review for sludge drying systems - Detailed review of basis, heat & mass balance, equipment & systems, site inspection. On-going technical support.






Day & Zimmermann: British Nuclear Group - capacity improvements.






PZ Cussons (UK) Ltd - HazOp Chairman






Earth Tech Engineering Limited - Technical Advisor: Severn Trent Water: WID improvements.






SembCorp Simon-Carves - Senior Process Engineer: BASF-YPC: (See SembCorp Simon Carves 2003).






Thermal Transfer Limited - Senior Process Engineer



AstraZeneca: Miscelaneous relief systems; compressed / liquified gases, water.



Novartis: PED & PSSR assessment of pressurised systems. Safety relief design; steam & hot water systems.






Earth Tech Engineering Limited - Technical Advisor



Confidential Client. CHP plant: Diagnosis and recommendations relating to explosion in engine exhaust / cat.



Government of Gibraltar: Municipal waste / sewage sludge thermal destruction facility:

PFI/PPP transaction management proposal; design/build/operation.



Severn Trent Water: Sewage sludge incineration refurbishment consultancy proposal.






SembCorp Simon-Carves - Senior Process Engineer



BASF-YPC; Nanjing, Peoples Republic of China: Low Density Polyethylene plant. Detailed design of a process with gas pressures up to 3100 bar. Mainly responsible for instrument specification / handling queries concerning control valve / pipeline sizing.






Earth Tech Engineering Limited - Senior Process Engineer



Yorkshire Water, AMP3: Waste water treatment process analysis / performance calculations.

Newlincs Development, Energy from Waste: Comprehensive heat and mass balances (combustor, steam & condensate system). Hazardous area analyses (fuels / dusts). Hazard Assessment. Functional design spec’n.






Earth Tech Engineering Limited - Senior Process Engineer



TyCom Global Network: Hazardous area classification for a large telecoms facility.

Severn Trent Water: Sludge digestion plant operating instructions.

Hazardous Area Classification: Substantial improvements to company guidelines / spreadsheets.






CPL Biomass (now Novera Energy) - Senior Process Engineer



Middlesex County Utilities Authority; New Jersey, USA: Process design of facility for partial drying of sludge.

Suffolk Biomass Power Limited: Process design: pyrolysis / gasification plant for power generation.






Amec Construction Limited - Senior Process Engineer



Hickson & Welch: Multi-stage contract fine chemical process re-engineering a selection of existing plants.






OSC Process Engineering Limited - Senior Process Engineer



Shanks Waste Solutions: Landfill leachate biological treatment plant proposal.



Corus (formerly British Steel): Commissioning coal by-products process emission control system.

North West Water: Training manuals for sludge dewatering & drying plant.

Minergy: Paper sludge combustion feasibility study.

Coke Oven Managers' Association: Technical paper: "Coke Oven Chamber Pressure Control - A New Emission Control System".



North West Water: Shift Team Supervisor commissioning a new sewage sludge incineration facility. Included steam system, power generation and flue gas cleaning. Responsible for client's personnel training.



North West Water: Sewage sludge incineration and gas cleaning plant operating manuals.

Severn Trent Water: Process Engineer for a biological effluent treatment project.



British Steel: Coal by-products plant tar / liquor system to improve separation & minimise effluents.

British Steel: Feasibility study of incineration versus catalytic destruction of ammonia from the coking process.



VERT: Europe (mobile plant): Flue gas cleaning plant serving a mobile waste vitrification facility.

North West Water: Flue gas cleaning and chemical storage process design for sludge incineration facility.



University of Manchester Institute of Science & technology:

Field trials for the development of a regeneratable SO2 absorbing compound.

Wheeling; Pittsburgh, USA: Benzol scrubber design for coal by-products plant.



Zimchem; Zimbabwe: Shift Commissioning - benzol & tar refinery. Responsible for training local personnel.



Thames Water: Process design of sludge dewatering for two proposed incineration facilities.

Sable Chemicals; Zimbabwe: Investigation into an alternative energy saving scheme for the production of ammonia. Included responsibility for oxygen blown coke gasification trials on a full size gasifier in Zimbabwe.



Great Lakes Division, National Steel; Detroit, USA: Rehabilitation contract for coal by-products plant. Responsible for tar & liquor system process design, and the light oil recovery plant.  Also operating instructions.

British Steel: Design & commissioning; coke oven battery liquor system & ammonium sulphate saturator.



ZISCO; Zimbabwe: Commissioning Engineer for a rehabilitated coal by-product plant. Trained local personnel.

Zimchem; Zimbabwe: Process design for new benzol refinery contract.



·         A variety of coal by-product plant proposals and studies including secondment to offices in Pittsburgh USA.

·         Proposals for fluidised bed coal gasification and revisions to gasifier design based on pilot plant work.






Johnson Hunt Limited (now Wellman Hunt Graham Limited)

·          Thermal and mechanical design of shell & tube and plate heat exchangers. Mechanical design software.