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A S Jessup-Bould:

Gasification and Pyrolysis Experience







Over the years I have undertaken process design work for many gasification plant proposals, including pyrolysis plant. Until now, the economics of many projects investigated have prevented them from becoming realised.

Despite this, I have not been without practical experience of their operation, including co-ordination of oxygen blown trials on a full size coke gasifier which was one of my most rewarding engineering experiences. I have also worked briefly as a support operator during trials of the, semi-commercial size, CRE (Coal Research Establishment) fluidised bed coal gasification pilot plant.

I have also had the benefit of feedback from the operation of pyrolysis units working on sewage sludge and wood.

More recently I have worked on projects for the sub-stoichiometric combustion of municipal and hazardous wastes using multiple batch filled chambers configured for sequential operation, thus replicating continuous operation. This has included co-ordination of trials and gas sampling for mass-balance determination on a demonstration plant.


Aspects of Gasification














Waste Gasification

Batch Sequential Chambers.




Rotating externally heated drum.



Coke gasification

Fixed bed; air blown / oxygen blown.



Coal gasification

Spouted fluidised bed of char or inert material; air blown / oxygen enriched air blown.